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21 March

World Day for Inner Peace


The world we live in is plagued by crises, conflicts and constant divisions. This disharmony can take on the forms of racism, intolerance and a lack of compassion towards others. Our hopes lie in the next generation and their ability to be able to make more consciously balanced decisions for the future.

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The project

A major international event that has already involved hundreds of schools around the world with great success.


Inner Peace

The state of meditation is a universal experience, and it has been written about and celebrated in many cultures throughout time.


Why March 21

It’s the first day of spring, a symbol of rebirth, and it coincides with the birthday of Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga.

The message of the great

The twentieth century saw the advent of a number of universal figures who did not simply talk of peace but actually brought about changes in society that, prior to their arrival, had seemed to be impossible utopias.


«There will never be peace in the world until we have peace within ourselves»

Mahatma Gandhi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


«If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.»


«Peace is not a dream: it can becomereality; butyouhave to be able to dream if you want to keep it.»

M. Luther King

Nelson Mandela


«Be the peace you wish to see in the world!»

Il Messaggio dei grandi

Il Messaggio dei Grandi

«È impossibile ottenere la pace nel mondo se prima non troviamo la pace dentro di noi.»

Participating schools

Thousands of students, all over the world, simultaniously experiencing peace.


The World Day for Inner Peace has seen success and appreciation in nearly 50 countries, involving more than 50,000 students. Every year the countries involved as well as the participating schools have increased in numbers; so much so that the event has marked the start of permanent meditation courses in many of the schools that took part. This widespread diffusion, and the enthusiastic reaction of school heads and students, attracted the attention of the international media. March 21 was declared the World Day of Inner Peace by the national news shows in several European countries (primarily Italy and Romania). Of the hundreds of events around the world, particular mention should be made of the courses in the institute for the deaf in Rome “Istituto Nazionale Sordomuti”, the area of Scampia in Naples, and the peace demonstrations in Kiev, photos of which made it as far as the New York Times.





Feedback from the participants

  • Elisa

    Student 16 yrs Rome (Italy)

    «I felt really at ease with all of you; it’s been a wonderful experience: it’s lovely to feel your own energy and that of others.»

  • Antonio

    14, Student - Naples (Italy)

    «I felt peace in my heart. This experience is really fantastic. There are no words to discribe it. Right now I feel peace inside me, and just silence.»

  • Margherita

    Student 12 yrs Genoa (Italy)

    «I felt free, light and happy, like a kite in the sky. I hope you come back next year. Kisses»

  • Alberto

    student 18 yrs Milan (Italy)

    «Relaxing. All my stress went away, even though I didn’t believe in it to start with.»

  • Francesco

    18, Student – Rome (Italy)

    «Prehaps the lady in the photo was right. The exercise is very effective at helping you relax, and, if all the people in the world practiced it every day, they would live longer.»

  • Miriam

    student 18 yrs Florence (Italy)

    «I think it’s an experience that everyone should try; everyone should be given this opportunity, because it helps us to understand ourselves with enthusiasm and peace.»

  • Anna

    Student 10 yrs Tieste (Italy)

    «I felt the energy flowing from the bottom of my body up to the top, and particularly from my hands… I feel like Buddha!»


Speaking of us

Inner Peace and the media


The event’s success attracted the attention of various media outlets, both national and international. All together, the news about the Inner Peace Day reached 5 million people around the world. These are the main outlets that reported the event:

Unesco The New York Times TG1 Rai News 24 Repubblica TV Prima TV

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